Cellulose Shredder Machine
Feed Width  50mm (20") to 1000mm (40")
Shredding Size  10mm x 15mm or above size (On Request)
Weight  1500 kgs approx
Speed  30meters/min
Dimension  L 1500 x W 1500 x H 2700 mm *
Motor  7.5hp and above depending on feed width 
Duty Cycle  Continuous
Capacity  between 2 tons to 10 tons per day depending upon feed width 
Warranty  1 year for machine

Food and cosmetic industries have the large volume of consumption of Cellulose. Cellulose Shredder shreds/chops this cellulose into small pieces to process.

Cellulose Shredder Machine from Raj Electricals is used in pharmaceutical industry, food and cosmetic industry.  This cellulose shredder machine is also used in manufacturing welding electrodes. It is a heavy machine indigenously manufactured by Raj Electricals.

We have followed stringent quality control measures during and after production. It is user friendly and vibration free machine. Cellulose Shredder is manufactured using quality material and is easy to clean and lubricate thus giving quality output without any hassels.

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We look forward to your inquiry for Cellulose Shredder Machine.