Departmental Cross Cut Shredder Machine

Raj Electricals manufactures various cross cut shredder machines.

Indigenously developed Departmental Cross Cut Shredder Machine is user-friendly, vibration free, robust-sturdy and can be easily maintained.

This Cross Cut Paper Shredder is used to shred thick paper and cartons,blister & glassins. More applications are mentioned below in salient features.

Salient features of Departmental Cross Cut Shredder Machine:

  • No plastic parts used in manufacturing
  • Low cost and high profit
  • Recyclable materials and environmental protection
  • Overload protection and reversible rotary switch
  • Vibration free
  • Easy to clean & lubricate.
  • This Departmental Cross Cut Paper Shredder is also used to shred paper with paper clips and staples, packed expired medicines outer cartons, outserts (leaflets) x-ray films, corrugated boxes (7Ply), newspapers,credit card, laminates, cheque leaftes, scratch card, labels stock, aluminium foil, etc.
                Model No  
                Feed Width (mm).             300mm             420mm             420mm
                Shred Size (mm)             6 x 50             6 x 50             2 X 10
              Shred Capacity (70 gsm A4 sheets)             15-20             25-30             15-20
                Shred Capacity Per/Hr           30-40kgs/Hr          60-80kgs/Hr           30-40kgs/Hr
                Voltage             230V             415V             415V
                Power      1HP/750Watts        2HP/1.5kw         2HP/1.5kw
                Speed (metres/minute) 7.5mtrs/min 7.5mtrs/min 7.5mtrs/min
                Weight (kgs)             125kgs             200kgs             200kgs
                Waste Volume (Litres)             90litres             180litres             180litres
                Overload Protection             Yes             Yes             Yes
      Motor On/Off With Control Panel             Yes             Yes             Yes
                Duty Cycle             Continuous             Continuous             Continuous

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