Plastic Shredder
plastic shredder
Model No  RE 4"  RE 6"  RE8"  RE12"  RE16"  RE20"  RE25"  RE30"
POWER REQ.  1HP  2HP  3HP  5HP  10HP  15HP  25HP  30HP
Grinding Cap/hr.  20kgs  30kgs  40kgs  80kgs  125kgs  200kgs  300kgs  450kgs
NO OF BLADES  5  5  5  5  5  5  5  5
Throat Size  4" x 4"  6" x 6"  8" x 8"  12" x 12"  16" x 16"  20" x 20"  25" x 25"  30" x 30"
LENGTH OF BLADES.  4"  6"  8"  12"  16"  20"  25"  30"
L X W in mm.  600 x 400  875 x 575  950 x 650  1100 x 950  1525 x 1125  1600 x 1250  1750 x 1350  1875 x 1500
WEIGHT OF MACHINE  100kgs  150kgs  275kgs  450kgs  900kgs  1200kgs  2000kgs  3000kgs

Plastic Shredder Machine and other shredder machines from Raj Electricals are well known for their efficiency and robust make. This Plastic Shredder is mainly used to reduce the volume of plastics by shredding which can then be recycled. Due to the environmental crisis, it is necessary to recycle plastic waste. Hence the use of plastic shredder machine in today's scenario is very much essential. This Plastic Shredder Machine can be used to shred plastic waste such as plastic jars, pet bottles, LDPE containers, blister packs of medicines, etc.

We customize shredder machines to suit the client's requirement. We can define the shred size as per mesh size, which can be from 1mm to 30mm or above depending on requirement.

Salient Features of Plastic Shredder:
Totally based on modern technology
Energy efficient

We also request you to have a view following few variations of Plastic Shredder from Raj Electricals to shred and grind plastic waste.

  • Plastic Waste Shredder Machine
  • Plastic Grinder Machine
  • Plastic Bottle Shredder Machine
  • Pet Bottle Crushing Machine

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