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Paper Shredder Machine and other Shredder Machines

Since the invention of the Paper Shredder Machine in 1909 and its availability as a manufactured unit in 1935 in Germany, paper shredder machine has evolved enormously. Today shredder machine is available in a variety of models globally. There are shredder machines that shred just 5 to 10 pages to a large machine that shred large volumes of the document. Paper shredder machine have a range of features and can shred papers of various thickness and also other items such as pharma waste, medical waste, etc.

Raj Electricals manufactures and sells Paper Shredder Machine, Cardboard Shredder, Plastic Shredder Machine, Heavy Duty Cross Cut Paper Shredder Machine, Pharma Waste Shredder. We are renowned manufacturer & global exporter of Heavy Duty Shredder Machine, Crushers and Grinders, Two Stage Shredder Machine and Hospital Waste Shredder.

The USP of Paper Shredder Machine from Raj Electricals is its ability to shred papers, thick paper with paper clips and staples and this shredding is done without causing any damage to cutters. To read more applications of this Paper Shredder Machine click here. These shredders from Raj Electricals are designed & fabricated with high grade raw material & advanced methodologies.

Our speciality is customized product such as the machine shown in the above video which is a combo machine used to shredding of detergent pouches and collection of detergent powder separately. Such shredder or grinder machines are designed and manufactured based on customer’s requirement. Due to our consistency in supplying best quality shredder machines, we have established ourselves as the premier supplier of heavy dtuy shredder machines. Our shredder machines are used for disposing off the medical waste, pharma waste, hospital waste, plastic waste in a very efficient manner, so that they cannot be reused.

Various Shredder Machines from Raj Electricals: We are also specialized in manufacturing a vast range of highly functional Crusher and Grinder, which is used for grinding plastic scraps. Our scrap grinders comprise of extremely sharp blades which are efficient in operation and consume less power. Simplistic in construction yet effective in delivering performance, our scrap grinders have easy operating modes.

Industrial Shredder Machines are mainly designed to shred high volume of cellulose sheets,paper pulp,corrugated boxes, mono cartons etc.These industrial heavy duty shredders can shred 5 metric tons to 10 metric tons in 12 hours depending on thickness of sheet,paper GSM, number of ply per pass, shredding width etc.

For the convenience of our clients, we offer these shredders in various capacities, depending upon the type of material to be processed & output required.

Pharma Waste Shredder Machine is a heavy duty shredder machine used to shred blister packs, mono cartons, outserts, inserts, laminates, laminated foil, aluminum foil, labels etc. Plastic Shredder Machine is used to shred plastic waste.

We are also pioneer in manufacturing of Medical Waste Shredder Machine used as a tablet crusher to crush tablets to variable granules form. We provide various Medical Waste Shredder . Machines. Hospital Waste Shredder, X-Ray Film Shredder, Bio-Medical Waste Shredder machines.

We are exhibiting our shredder machines at PMEC Pharma EXPO. For more details click here.

We will be glad to assist you in selecting the appropriate shredder machine which will cater to your requirement.