Heavy Duty Cross Cut Paper Shredder
            Model No  
            Feed Width (mm).             420mm             420mm
            Shred Size (mm)             6 x 50             3.8 X 38
          Shred Capacity (70 gsm A4 sheets)             40-45             25-30
            Shred Capacity Per/Hr             100-120kgs/Hr             80-100kgs
            Voltage             415V             415V
            Power             3HP / 2.2kw             3HP / 2.2kw
            Speed (metres/minute)             7.5mtrs/min             7.5mtrs/min
            Weight (kgs)             225kgs             225kgs
            Waste Volume (Litres)             180litres             180litres
            Overload Protection             Yes             Yes
            Motor On/Off With Control Panel             Yes             Yes
            Duty Cycle             Continuous             Continuous

Raj Electricals manufactures has been manufacturing various shredder machines. Cross cut shredder machines are the latest addition to the list.

Offices or factories have a huge volume of paper wastages which is to be shredded for the security purpose. Heavy Duty Cross Cut Paper Shredder or Heavy Duty Cross Cut Shredder from Raj Electricals is used to shred thick Paper and Cartons, Credit Card, Newspapers, etc. These Cross Cut Shredder Machines are developed indigenously. Best quality raw materials are used to manufacture all Shredder Machines.

Raj Electricals manufacturers following cross cut shredder machines.

Salient features of Heavy Duty Cross Cut Paper Shredder:

  • User-friendly
  • No plastic parts used in manufacturing
  • Low cost and high-profit
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Recyclable materials and environmental protection
  • Overload protection and reversible rotary switch
  • Vibration free
  • Easy to clean & lubricate.
  • Some more applications of this Cross Cut Paper Shredder is to shred Paper with Paper Clips And Staples,Thick Paper and Cartons, Blister & Glassins, Packed Expired Medicines Outer Cartons, Outserts (Leaflets) X-Ray Films, Mono Cartons & Corrugated Boxes (28Ply), Credit Card, Newspapers, Laminates, Cheque Leaflets, Scratch Card, Labels Stock, Aluminium Foil, Etc.

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