Industrial Cross Cut Shredder Machine
            Model No  
            Feed Width (mm).             420mm             420mm
            Shred Size (mm)             3.8 X 38              6 x 50
          Shred Capacity (70 gsm A4 sheets)             50-55             80-100
            Shred Capacity Per/Hr             130-150kgs             150-170kgs/Hr
            Voltage             415V             415V
            Power             5HP / 3.75kw            5HP / 3.75kw
            Speed (metres/minute)             7.5mtrs/min             7.5mtrs/min
            Weight (kgs)             315kgs            315kgs
            Waste Volume (Litres)             275litres             275litres
            Overload Protection             Yes             Yes
            Motor On/Off With Control Panel             Yes             Yes
            Duty Cycle             Continuous             Continuous

This Industrial Cross Cut Shredder Machine is easy to maintain, smooth functioning and has a durable, sturdy body. No plastic part is used while manufacturing Cross Cut Shredder Machines.

Heavy Duty Cross Cut Shredder Machine and Departmental Cross Cut Shredder Machine are other cross cut shredder machines manufactured by Raj Electricals.

Salient features of Industrial Cross Cut Shredder Machine:

  • Recyclable materials and environmental protection
  • Vibration free
  • Easy to clean & lubricate.
  • Low cost and high profit
  • Overload protection and reversible rotary switch
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Suitable to shred newspapers, packed expired medicines outer cartons, cheque leaflets, scratch card.

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