Paper Katran Machine for Fruit Packaging
plastic shredder
Model No  SC3051V   SC4002V   SC4003V    SC5005V   SC7507V
Feed Width (mm)  305mm  400mm  400mm  500mm  750mm
Shred Size (mm)  5mm  5mm  5mm  5mm  5mm
Shred Capacity (70 gsm A4 sheets)  10-12  15-20  30  40  60-70
Shred Capacity Per/Day  500-600kgs/day  800-1000kgs/day  1000-1200kgs/day  1500-2000kgs/day  2500-3000kgs/day
Voltage  230V /415V  230V /415V  230V /415V  415V  415V
Motor HP  1HP  2HP  3HP  5HP  7.5HP
Motor HP-Compton make  SINGLE PHASEs  SINGLE PHASE  SINGLE PHASE  3 Phase  3 Phase
Motor HP-Hindustan make  3 Phase  3 Phase  3 Phase  3 Phase  3 Phase
Speed (metres/minute)  16mtrs/min  16mtrs/min  16mtrs/min  16mtrs/min  16mtrs/min
Cutter Diameter  75mm  75mm  95mm  117mm  147mm
Weight (kgs)  140kgs  150kgs  250kgs  350kgs  450kgs
Machines Dimensions (mm) L 560X W 600 X H 1130 L 660 x W 600 x H 1130 L 750 x W 850 x H 1075 L 850 x W 700 x H 1175 L 1310 x W 900 x H 12
Overload Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motor On/Off Online Starter Online Starter Online Starter Online Starter Online Starter
Duty Cycle Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous

Katran Machine and other shredder machines from Raj Electricals are well known for their efficiency and robust make. Katran Machine or Paper Katran Machine is popular with Fruit Vendors as it is used during Fruit packaging. Katran Machine is a heavy-duty paper shredder machine and it is used to shred newspapers which is used in packing fruits.

This heavy duty shredder is used to reduce the volume of the rejected material and to avoid duplication and misuse and hence it has applications in numerous industries such as:
• Pharmaceutical Companies
• Label Printing Industries
• Paper Mills
• Packaging Industries
• Government Offices
• Colleges
• Banks
• Corporate Office

Salient Features of Katran Machine:
• Continuous Duty
• Motor with inline gearbox for positive transmission
• EFF2 Motor for less power consumption
• 5 Years warranty for cutters
• All Metal parts with Rugged construction
• Large waste collection trolley for shredding large volumes
• Overload &phase failure Protection
• Reverse forward switch 100
• Manufactured in India
• Custom-made manufacturing of superior quality products
• Installation and maintenance services on site
• User friendly
• Maintenance free
• Durable
• Smooth Operations
• High security level
• Low power consumption

We look forward to your inquiry for Katran Machine.