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Total Shredding Solutions !!!!!

Today shredder machine is a necessity in all industries because of various reasons, security being primary. It is necessary to shred rejected documents or other rejected materials to avoid being used unscrupulously. Similarly, it is necessary to shred wastage such as medical waste, food waste to avoid health hazards.

Our company - M/s Raj Electricals - established in 1985 - known for its excellent products in printing and packaging industries is also manufacturing and selling top quality heavy duty industrial shredder machines under brand name Shreddersnshredders. Raj Electricals manufactures Heavy Duty Industrial Shredders such as Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine and many such Industrial Shredders. These Industrial Shredders are known by names based on their Industrial application such as in pharmaceutical company, shredder machine is known as pharma waste shredder, aluminium foil shredder, glassin shredder, blister film shredder, x-ray film shredder, PVC films shredder, outserts shredder, mono cartons shredder, label shredders, medicine box shredder, shredder shredding plastic waste is plastic shredder machine, corrugated box shredders etc whereas in banks & in government offices it is known as credit/debit card shredder, vouchers shredder, old record shredders, cheque shredder, confidential paper shredder, lottery ticket shredder, etc.

Industrial Paper Shredder Machine manufactured by us is complete shredding solution to voluminous rejected material. These shredder machines are appreciated by all clients for its excellent features such as Compact Design • Durability • Economical • High performance. Heavy Duty Paper Shredders are useful in printing & packaging industries, label industries, government offices, pharma industries, paper mills, banks, hotels, hospitals, schools & colleges, airports, railways to reduce the volume of their rejected material & to avoid duplication & misuse.

There were many inquiries from our esteemed clients for heavy duty cross cut shredder machines and hence we are now manufacturing following three versions of Cross Cut Shredder Machines.

These Cross Cut Shredder Machines having multiple applications and are very popular with our customers.

TWO STAGE SHREDDER MACHINE: Apart from these Industrial Paper Shredders, Raj Electricals also manufactures Two Stage Shredder Machine also popularly known as Bone Shredder Machine. This shredder machine is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, temples, pharmaceutical companies etc, mainly to shred bones, tree branches, garlands, vials, prefilled syringes etc. For more details visit our products page.

We also exhibit our machines at PMEC regularly.

We look forward to your queries and help to resolve your wastage management issues.